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Post-Corona Syndrome: Its types, symptoms and prevention methods

Post-Coronavirus Syndrome includes all symptoms that persist after recovery and long-term symptoms have been defined as "long-term corona", as more people are starting to suffer from these symptoms, doctors have announced post-corona syndrome to treat all symptoms associated with the corona virus in a manner Collectively, there are different types of symptoms of post-Corona syndrome depending on the symptoms and their length, and here we learn in detail about, according to the website “onlymyhealth”.

Types of Post Corona Syndrome


Post-Corona Acute Syndrome:

 Symptoms last for more than 6 to 12 weeks.


Persistent Post-Corona Syndrome:

 If a person has had symptoms for more than 24 weeks.

post-intensive care syndrome

: People who were in the intensive care unit while being treated for coronavirus are likely to suffer.


Multisystem inflammatory syndrome:

In this condition, several organs of the person including the kidneys, heart, brain, and skin are affected by the infection which causes prolonged symptoms.


Symptoms of Post Corona Syndrome:


- cough.


Tightness in the chest.


- Tired.

Poor concentration.


- Shortness of breath.


Other less common symptoms of post-coronavirus are:


- Joint pain.


Muscular pain.


Rapid heartbeat or palpitations.

- Headache.


- rash.


How do you control the symptoms of post-Corona syndrome?


These are symptoms that will improve over time, you just need to be patient and careful in order to take care of them instead of panicking, you should focus on eating well and exercising well to allow the body to replenish its energies.