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President of the Federation of Building Contractors: Automating services and preparing an electronic database for companies

Engineer Sami Saad, President of the Egyptian Federation of Construction and Building Contractors, revealed the union's long-term plan to develop the provision of services remotely in order to speed up the completion, as it was contracted with Ain Shams University to work as a consultant for the union in updating the current network of the union, to shorten procedures and electronic archiving, and electronic link with All the parties that the union deals with, with the aim of implementing most of the services gradually remotely within a year. Indeed, the link has been established with the insurance sector, and the linkage is being studied with taxes, the Investment Authority and the rest of the relevant authorities.

This came during the convening of the Union's ordinary general assembly, in the presence of Hisham Yousry, the Secretary-General of the Union, members of the Central Auditing Organization and the Union's auditor.

Engineer Sami Saad indicated that the union had assumed its responsibility during the period of the spread of Corona, and did not stop for a single day, in order to ensure the continuation of providing its services, and he thanked the heads and members of the committees and all the union’s workers for their continuous insistence on working during the period of the epidemic.

Engineer Sami Saad explained that the union's short-term plan to develop services, which is represented in the separation between the provider and recipient of the service, where a new secretariat was created to receive and serve members, and a department for complaints and suggestions of members is attached to it, and that work is underway to link it with the rest of the secretariats in the union, and the preparation of a system A telephone reception (Call Center) for any inquiries, as well as a study of a system to follow the progress of documents, and the possibility of remote reservation, instead of the current system to improve the services provided, for implementation as of mid-August 2021.

He added: An organizational guide for the union has been created that includes all the procedures and documents required to accomplish the work of the union.