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Saudi Arabia reopens 10 mosques after sterilizing them to prevent the Corona epidemic

The Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Call and Guidance in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia reopened 10 mosques after their temporary evacuation and sterilization in 5 regions, after 10 cases of Coronavirus infection were confirmed among the worshipers, bringing the total that was completed sterilization and complete its readiness within 118 days, 1493 mosques, as this comes within the framework of care For the safety of worshipers, according to the SPA news agency.

She explained that the mosques that were sterilized as a precaution and reopened are three mosques in each of the Asir and Sharqiah regions, two mosques in the Qassim region, and one mosque in each of the Riyadh and Jazan regions.

The ministry indicated that these measures were taken to further ensure the safety of worshipers, in addition to the continuous cleaning and maintenance of all mosques. The ministry also called on worshipers and mosque employees to adhere to the instructions for precautionary measures when they go to mosques, including wearing a mask, bringing their own rug and achieving physical distancing for their safety.