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Sudanese forces manage to separate clashes between tribes in South Darfur

The Security Committee of South Darfur State in Sudan confirmed that the joint military forces that were pushed into the areas of tribal conflict intervened to resolve the tribal conflict between the Fellata and Ta’isha tribes, which resulted in the killing of about 36 and wounding of 32 on both sides.


Musa Mahdi, the governor of South Darfur state, according to what was published by the Sudanese News Agency, said that the joint forces that pushed the state into the conflict areas around the locality of Umm Dafouk were able to separate the warring tribes, in the areas of (Mandawa), (Mirmasa) and (Majnkari).


The South Darfur state government stated in a statement issued today that the state security committee, after its meeting, decided to push for additional military reinforcements to the area to pursue the perpetrators and prevent a recurrence of the incident, in addition to forming legal investigation committees to open complaints and file charges, confirming the stability of the security situation in the area, calling on citizens to stay away from rumors and maintain social fabric.