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Sultanate of Oman: Terrorists only represent their extremist ideas and religions are innocent of them

The Sultanate of Oman affirmed that the terrorist acts to which different regions of the world were subjected showed that terrorism is a global phenomenon that is not linked to any religion or belief or to specific countries or peoples alone, stressing that terrorism is a global scourge that threatens the security and stability of countries and requires everyone to confront it and develop global solutions to it. This came during Oman's speech before the second high-level conference on combating terrorism in New York, delivered by Ambassador Dr. Mohammed bin Awad Al-Hassan, the Sultanate's permanent representative to the United Nations. According to a press statement by the embassy.


The Sultanate called on the international community to deal in the spirit of collective responsibility and with one standard and one voice against terrorism and to stay away from double standards. It also called for changing the stereotyped image of terrorism that was based on wrong templates, some of which were racist, which contributed to the spread of negative phenomena that are no less dangerous, such as racism, anti-Islam and Muslims, and followers of Islam. Other religions and xenophobia, stressing that religions are completely innocent of terrorism, and that terrorists only represent their extremist ideas, and we must not be tempted by those extremist slogans promoted by some.


During her speech, Oman urged respect for the religions, sanctities and religious symbols of all peoples, explaining that exercising freedom of expression and opinion does not mean harming and insulting others, and pointed out that ignorance, poverty, persecution, racism, hatred and foreign occupation are all factors that encourage extremism and terrorism, and therefore the dissemination of justice, development and community awareness. It is one of the means of prevention and immunization that the international community must support and finance through concrete cooperation programs.


The Sultanate of Oman also said: "Any strategy to combat terrorism can only be established on firm foundations with respect for international law, international humanitarian law and human rights, and in particular respect for the freedoms of societies and individuals," calling for the need to guarantee the rights of women and children and all segments of society.