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The benefits of sauna sessions .. Able to remove toxins from your body, boost your immunity and lose weight

The sauna is one of the activities that many of us are keen to try, because it gives you a feeling of relaxation and vitality, the temperature in the sauna room should range between 80 degrees Celsius at the level of the face and 30 degrees Celsius at the level of the ground, and the humidity should be relatively between 10% to 20 % 40 to 70 g of water vapor.

According to a report published on the Healthline website, there are several benefits of sauna on your health:


1. Detoxify

Sweat is one of the ways in which the human body secretes toxins, and when the body heats the sauna, it will promote the opening of the skin pores and the release of sweat, bacteria and other toxins, it has been proven that sweating has many health benefits, and the sauna can raise the body temperature and promote deep sweating.

2. Increase blood flow to the body

The heat of the sauna expands blood vessels in the body and increases blood flow, which stimulates the nervous system to send a signal to the sweat gland on the surface of the skin, and deep sweating reduces the level of copper, lead, zinc, mercury and other mineral toxins in the body, and the more secretion increases Sweat increases the elimination of toxins away from the body.

3. Help lose weight

The sauna is one of the treatments that help to lose weight, through which the body burns some calories and increases the heart rate, and thus needs more oxygen, and the body begins to convert more calories from body fat and carbohydrates into energy, where a sauna session can burn Nearly 500 calories with temperatures of 170 degrees Fahrenheit, it also boosts the body's metabolism and is a great way to maintain a healthy weight.

3. Strengthening the immune system

Regular sauna sessions can help the body produce white blood cells, which are cells in the body that fight pathogens, infections and diseases.

A study reported that people who regularly use saunas had more white blood cells and thus enjoyed better health.

4. Promotes mental health

Sauna can help the mind relax, it can also release some stress and make you feel happier.

5. Improve the body's stamina

Regular sauna use can increase heat tolerance and improve endurance, and it also helps the body feel less tired and maintain an energy level over time.

6. Promotes hair health

Regular use of sauna can boost hair health because spending time in the sauna can greatly revitalize the sebaceous gland that makes hair look great.

7. Promote healthy skin

Steam showering or thermal bathing is one of the healthiest ways to improve skin health, as the percentage of dead skin that accumulates on the surface of the skin and clogs the pores increases, which leads to the appearance of dull skin, and regular sessions of the sauna can improve blood flow to the skin and help to regenerate the skin And the replacement of dead cells with a new layer of skin.

8. Help relieve stress

Sauna can reduce stress and anxiety, as the sauna provides relief from stress by relaxing muscles, nerves and the mind, and when practicing sauna, the body produces endorphins, a hormone that promotes good feeling and mood.

9. Relax and soothe muscle or joint pain

Sauna can lead to the secretion of the hormone endorphins, which is the "feeling satisfied" hormone. The sauna can help relax muscles and reduce muscle or joint fatigue. The sauna also increases the body temperature, which improves blood circulation.

10. Treat insomnia

Research has shown that sauna can improve sleep quality, because the endorphins released during sauna can counteract insomnia and help you fall asleep and relax.