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The Danish Federation announces the need for Eriksen to install a stent in the heart

The Danish Football Association announced, in an official statement, today, Thursday, that team star Christian Eriksen has developed his health condition and will be fitted with a stent in the heart.

Morten Posen, the Danish team doctor, added that Christian Eriksen will need a pacemaker after he fell during Saturday's match against Finland, in the European Championship 2020.

Morten Posen, a doctor in Denmark, added: "After Christian underwent many different heart tests, it was decided that he needed a pacemaker."

The doctor confirmed that this device became necessary after Eriksen suffered a heart attack due to heart rhythm disturbances.

Eriksen suffered a cardiac arrest during the match, as he was treated by paramedics who performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and used a defibrillator to help revive him.

Eriksen posted a message on his Instagram account with a photo from the hospital last Tuesday.

Denmark national team player Christian Eriksen has been in hospital under medical observation since he fell on the pitch during his country's match against Finland, which almost cost him his life, as doctors revealed that his heart stopped for a moment during the first round of the Euro 2020 competitions.

The Danish star is in a hospital near the Parken Stadium in Copenhagen, Denmark, where he only needs 10 minutes on foot to reach the stadium, but he will not be able to attend because of his health crisis, which he has not yet revealed details of and the possibility of his return to the stadiums.

The Danish star decided to wear his shirt in his hospital room and support his colleagues in the important meeting against Belgium, a crucial meeting to preserve the chances of the Danish team qualifying for the round of 16 in the European Nations finals after losing to Finland in the first meeting.

The fans will applaud strongly in the stadium when the tenth minute arrives in support of the number 10 holder in the Danish national team Christian Eriksen.