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The destruction of 30 luxury cars in the Philippines, worth more than one million pounds.. Know the details

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has ordered the destruction of 30 luxury cars worth more than £1 million, as the Philippine customs office destroyed luxury cars including a new McLaren 620R, a Bentley from 2007 and a Porsche 911, because all cars were illegally imported into the Philippines before Various carriers and were taken over between 2018 and 2020.

The British newspaper, "Mirror", published footage of bulldozers destroying luxury cars, as the footage shows about 20 cars worth about 850,000 pounds were destroyed under the bulldozer in the customs office area in Manila, and ten other luxury cars were destroyed simultaneously in the ports of Davao and Cebu .

Presidential spokesman Harry Roque revealed at a press conference held in Ilocos Norte that there are at least 70 luxury cars that are being prepared for demolition with "bulldozers" at one time.

All of the vehicles were classified as "used" except for at least three brand-new vehicles, two brand-new Toyotas and one new Mercedez Benz that were all confiscated in the port of Davao, according to Vellstar.

The cars were smuggled into the Philippines to avoid paying duties and other taxes, and Duterte ordered the smuggled cars to be condemned, saying that disposing of them at auction would only give smugglers a chance to secure them legally, and the destruction was a clear departure from the usual process of auctioning contraband cars to generate additional revenue for the government. . According to Sun Star reports.