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The fall of an American swindler impersonating Trump and his family members to raise funds

The US federal authorities managed to seize an American swindler who continued to impersonate former President Donald Trump and some members of his family on social media, with the aim of collecting funds under the name of donations.

The American ABC network said that the accused "Josho Hall" was arrested in Pennsylvania, and it was proven that he had defrauded hundreds of people to spend the money he collected on his personal expenses.

According to an ABC report, Joshua Hall is accused of fraud and identity theft, after federal prosecutors said he misrepresented himself or others while soliciting funds for the alleged non-existent Trump re-election organization.

Instead, Hall used the money collected - thousands of dollars - for his personal living expenses, according to the criminal complaint. Investigations also revealed that the alleged scheme involved the creation and use of social media accounts bearing the names and photos of family members.

The complaint said that Hall used those accounts to gather more than 100,000 followers on social media and get media coverage, a public platform he then used to try to cover up fraud and prove his connection to the former president and his family to encourage his victims to donate their money. Fake political organization.

In one case last July, Hall allegedly created a social media account using the name and photo of one of Trump's brothers, as stated in the complaint, which is referred to in court records as Victim 1.

Hall, who impersonates Victim-1, posted a public post on social media that falsely stated that Victim-1 was running the phantom political organization with Hall, and also alleged that Hall impersonated the former president's younger son, Barron, who is referred to as "The president's minor child", who is referred to in the documents as the victim 2.

Hall made his first court appearance on Tuesday and was released on $25,000 bail. Other conditions include surrendering travel documents and not leaving the Central District of Pennsylvania except for travel to court, and he must also undergo a mental health assessment, and not contact any of the The alleged donors in this case.