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The Football Association decides to hold the Egyptian Cup semi-final matches with video technology

The temporary committee that manages the Football Association decided to hold the semi-final and final matches of the Egypt Cup this season with video technology, after the recent period witnessed criticism of the committee due to the lack of application of technology in the cup matches.

The Football Association refused to bear the cost of applying video technology in the Egypt Cup matches, and demanded the clubs to bear it, but they refused so that the cup matches would be held without video technology, before it was confirmed that the semi-final and final matches of the Cup would be held with video technology.

The committee that manages the Football Association has set next September 19 as a date for the Egypt Cup final match if the general league ends on the 17th of the same month, with the possibility of presenting this date if the league ends in late August.


And the tripartite committee set, in its last meeting with the clubs, more than one date for the end of the league, and the deadline will be decided after the clarity of vision regarding whether Al-Ahly club reached the final of the African Champions League or not, as well as the Olympic team qualified for the following roles in the Olympics or not as well.


During the meeting, the proposed dates for completing the league were reviewed, in light of the circumstances of the Olympic team’s participation in the Olympic tournament and the Al-Ahly and Pyramids clubs in the two African club championships, and that according to the results there is a possibility that the league will end before the end of August, while the possibilities remain to extend the season to September, according to the results achieved. at the external level.


Dr. Muhammad Sultan called for the necessity of registering all players and technical equipment to obtain the Corona vaccine, due to the regularity of competitions in the new season, pointing to the approval of the Ministry of Health to establish a vaccination unit for athletes after the completion of the vaccination of the Olympic mission heading to Tokyo.