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The Iraqi Electoral Commission: The decision to exclude some candidates is subject to appeal

The Independent High Electoral Commission of Iraq resolved the controversy over the number of candidates excluded from the legislative elections scheduled for next October, hinting at the possibility of returning their candidacy after the Federal Court overturned the exclusion decision and accepted the appeal.

The assistant media spokesman for the Electoral Commission, Nibras Abu Souda, said in her statements, as reported by the Iraqi (Alsumaria News) channel today, Sunday, "The commission's decision to exclude the candidates is preliminary, and subject to appeal by the Federal Court," noting that the number of candidates for the upcoming elections It reached 3523 candidates.

She stressed that those who were excluded were 25 candidates, including 5 soldiers, and not, as was reported by the media, by excluding 135 candidates from the Ministry of Defense...demanding not to adopt any documents without verifying their official source in the Electoral Commission... explaining that the exclusion of the candidates came for violating the conditions of the two articles. (8 and 9) of the Iraqi Parliament Elections Law No. (9) of 2020.”