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The Lebanese government: We are taking measures to control smuggling operations at the ports

Zina Aker, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense and Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants in the Lebanese caretaker government, confirmed that the Lebanese government is working to take measures that would control smuggling operations in Lebanese ports.

Aker expressed her strong condemnation of the smuggling of narcotic substances into Saudi Arabia from Lebanon by some criminals, the latest of which was an attempt to smuggle about 14 million Captagon narcotic tablets hidden inside a shipment of iron plates.

She indicated that great efforts are being made by all security services in Lebanon to stop smuggling, and a large number of shipments that were being prepared for smuggling to Saudi Arabia have been seized recently, stressing that the Lebanese government is also working on measures that would control smuggling in ports. .

Aker stressed that smuggling poses a threat to society and would harm the relations between the two brotherly countries, noting that coordination between the concerned agencies in the two countries will reduce and eliminate the crime of smuggling.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia decided about two months ago to prevent the entry of Lebanese fruits and vegetables or their transportation through its territory due to an increase in drug smuggling, until the relevant Lebanese authorities provide sufficient and reliable guarantees to take the necessary measures to stop drug smuggling operations.

Lebanon witnessed many meetings during the past weeks to discuss ways to equip Lebanon's ports with the necessary equipment to control smuggling operations and restore the ability to export to Saudi Arabia and the Gulf once again.