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The Minister of Petroleum reviews the implementation steps of the Red Sea Petrochemical Complex project

Engineer Tarek El Molla, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, received a delegation from the International Honey Well Corporation specialized in providing technical support for petroleum projects, headed by Rajeev Gautam, Chairman of the Honey Well Corporation for Technologies and Performance Tools. The steps that will be implemented in the Red Sea Petrochemical Complex project were reviewed after signing a land allocation contract. The project and the laying of the foundation stone in the Ain Sukhna area, and ways to coordinate with Honey Well and its subsidiary UOP company to use its latest advanced technologies in the complex's automated control systems were discussed.


During the meeting, Al-Mulla stressed the importance of coordination and integration between Honey Well Corporation and the companies that will participate in the implementation of the project in order to develop a work program and a plan for implementation according to specific goals and timetables, stressing the importance of implementing the project according to the latest global environmentally friendly technologies and producing products with international specifications that contribute to achieving value goals. The added value and maximum economic benefit from Egypt's natural wealth.


During the meeting, they discussed Honey Well’s participation in the field of training Egyptian cadres and refining their skills, especially with regard to dealing with the latest international technologies in the various petroleum fields, in addition to increasing cooperation between the sector companies and the international corporation in other projects inside and outside Egypt, as well as the possibility of holding workshops. A joint venture between the sector companies and the international corporation with the aim of exchanging experiences and skills in petroleum projects.


For his part, Rajeev stressed that Honey Well Corporation has a long history with Egypt in the field of oil, gas, refining and petrochemicals, and that it is looking forward to supporting this partnership, especially since Honey Well Corporation and its subsidiary UOP possess expertise and pioneering technological solutions in the areas of efficient operations and production with the lowest expenses and the highest quality and technologies that aim To sustainability, reducing emissions and preserving the environment.


The discussions were attended by Khaled Hashem, President of the Corporation for North Africa, Brian Glover, President of UOP, a subsidiary of Honey Well Corporation, which is specialized in refining, petrochemical and gas processing technologies, Ojwal Johar, President of the Corporation for Operations Solutions, Tariq Nahl, Vice President of the Corporation for Strategic Projects, and Hisham Abdel Aziz, Vice President of the Corporation for Operations and Facilities, and from the petroleum sector. Chemist Saad Helal, President of the Petrochemical Holding Company, Osama Mubarez, Under-Secretary for Technical and Chemical Office Affairs, Ashraf El-Shamy, Vice-President of the Petroleum Authority for Refining and Manufacturing, Eng.