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The moment a huge coal-fired chimney explodes in Florida

A resident of Indiantown, Florida, recorded, with his phone camera, the moment of the explosion directed at a high-rise coal-fired chimney. alternative energy sources.

The "Russia Today" network showed snapshots of the moment the last coal-fired power plant in the state fell through the explosion, where the explosion was used in a way directed away from residential areas, and the bombing was carried out professionally without causing any damage to the structures adjacent to the coal-fired chimney in the area. Indiantown.

In Britain, the authorities in the municipality of Staffordshire, UK, carried out an operation to detonate four cooling towers at the historic Ragley electric power station, with a remote-controlled detonation, and the police urged citizens to follow the scenes of the bombing on the small screen, but hundreds ignored it, and preferred to go To the place where the towers were blown up and watch the event as a historic moment in Staffordshire.

Footage showed the moment of demolishing the four towers of the coal-fired power plant, and citizens gathered from a distance to document the moment of demolishing the historical towers that operated between 1970 and 2016 and were one of the symbols of the coal industry in the region, as it was carried out professionally without causing any human or facilities damage. contiguous.