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The Moroccan government issues a passport to those who receive the Corona vaccine

The Moroccan government has issued the "vaccination passport" that people who have received two doses of the anti-Corona vaccine can download, via the (Corona Vaccine) website, as of the day after tomorrow.


The government stated - in a statement today, Saturday - that "this vaccination passport is an official document, safe and recognized by the authorities, that allows its holder, without the need to obtain an additional document, to roam throughout Morocco without restrictions, and to move after eleven at night, as well as travel Abroad".


The statement added that it is possible to download the "vaccination passport", which contains a QR code that can be verified through an application designated for this purpose, in a printable form or in an electronic image that can be viewed on a smartphone.

It can also be withdrawn, in paper form, with the authorities under whose jurisdiction the vaccination center of the person concerned is located.