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The President of Iraq: Our country will remain resilient to sedition and tampering with its security and stability

 The Iraqi President, Barham Salih, affirmed that Iraq is a capable, sovereign state, and it will remain resilient to those who want to stir up sedition or those who try to tamper with its security and stability, with the cohesion and unity of its sons and national forces, and their insistence on achieving reform and curbing corruption, and meeting the legitimate demands of the mass and popular movement.

Saleh stressed - during his visit to the cities of Kadhimiya and Adhamiya, according to the National Iraqi News Agency - that there is a prominent role for the two cities in suppressing sedition, confronting deviant extremist ideas, and consolidating the values ​​of love and harmony, as they are a symbol of unity and cohesion among Iraqis.

The Iraqi president referred to the great and prestigious position of the city of Kadhimiya, and its role in strengthening the bonds of brotherhood, equality and tolerance among the components and spectra of the Iraqi people, and its impact on strengthening social ties and consolidating unity among Iraqis, pointing out that the city of Adhamiya also has a rich history throughout the time periods, as it is a point and axis for fraternity And solidarity and the meeting place of science and scholars, calling on the Almighty to protect Iraq and its people from all harm.