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The Ukrainian ambassador praises the Museum of Civilization and is fascinated by its archaeological holdings

The Ambassador of Ukraine, Evhen Mikitenko, in Cairo, praised the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization in Fustat, expressing his fascination with the museum's archaeological holdings and treasures.


This came during his visit to the museum today, Wednesday, and was received by Dr. Ahmed Farouk Ghoneim, head of the Museum Authority, and the visit began by introducing the Ukrainian ambassador to the huge capabilities that the museum possesses.


The Ukrainian ambassador with the museum curators inspected the reception building, the central exhibition hall, the hall of the royal mummies, the open theater and the archaeological dye that was discovered in the Fatimid era.


The Ukrainian ambassador said, during the visit, that Egypt has always lived in everyone's conscience since its civilization was lessons that they follow in their schools as the oldest human civilization, and then the desire continues with them to visit the antiquities of Egypt and see the landmarks of its civilization through this lofty edifice, which is the (Museum of Civilization) and their eagerness to see the mummies increases. A property that fascinates the whole world.


Following the visit, Dr. Ahmed Ghoneim, CEO of the Museum Authority, discussed with the Ukrainian ambassador mechanisms for continuing coordination and consultation, exchanging experiences and information, and enhancing ways of cooperation at the tourism, scientific and archaeological levels during the coming period.


Dr. Ahmed Ghoneim stressed that the Museum of Civilization will be a great boost for Egyptian tourism in particular, perhaps not all of its results will be direct, but it will certainly come as a reflection on the increased demand for visiting Egypt in general and cultural tourism in particular, and we must know that cultural tourism is It is the most important contributor to tourism income.