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The US Vice President visits Mexico to discuss irregular immigration

US Vice President Kamala Harris has arrived in Mexico to meet with President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador to discuss the issue of irregular immigration.

According to the Emirati Vision website, Harris, from Guatemala, made the first stop on the vice president's first foreign tour since taking office in January. She is scheduled to meet with the Mexican president.

"We have converging views on the need to help Central American countries, and we have to invest to bring about development and job creation in Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras, and we stand ready to help," Lopez Obrador said during the daily press briefing.

"We will hold a working meeting and witness the signing of an agreement on migration and development," he added.

The first foreign tour of the US Vice President, which focuses on irregular immigration, falls within the framework of a promise made by Democratic President Joe Biden to adopt a more "humane" immigration policy.

In April, the number of undocumented immigrants arrested at the Mexico-US border reached a 15-year high.