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UNHCR: Morocco is an international “reference” in receiving refugees

The representative of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Francois Repett Degas, said that Morocco is a "reference country" in the international arena in the field of refugee reception, thanks to its comprehensive asylum policy.


On the occasion of presenting the UNHCR's annual report, Rebet Deja commended Morocco for choosing to be a land receiving refugees, explaining that the strategy adopted by Morocco since 2013 is "comprehensive and based on the human element."


Deja emphasized the strength of this policy, which emerged specifically in the context of the "Covid-19" pandemic, as the measures taken by the authorities included all segments of society, including foreigners residing in Morocco.


He pointed out that 900 refugee children have been born in Morocco since 2015, who immediately obtain a legal identity, and that 90 percent of refugee children of primary school age study in Moroccan schools, a number that exceeds the world average.


He pointed out that a study by the Moroccan planning authorities published in mid-2020 revealed that 45% of refugees have a residence card, which is an essential element in order to exercise their rights, stressing the vital nature of ratification of the asylum law in Morocco.


He added that the annual report of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees indicates that Morocco is, at the same time, a country of reception and transit, and on its territory there are 14,952 refugees and asylum seekers from more than 45 countries.