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Women's handball 2002 prepares for the African Championship in Guinea on the sand

The women's handball team, born in 2002, continues its preparations for the African Championship, which will be held next September in Guinea, with training in the sand in the city of Obour, on the sidelines of the Cairo camp in the Olympic Center, which started on May 27 and will last until August.

The junior team, born in 2002, is technically led by technical director Ramy Abdel Latif, as he seeks to raise the physical load of the players by stretching exercises on the sand to diversify the exercises to reach the players to the highest form.

On the other hand, the handball team will leave for Spain in late June; To participate in an international tournament that includes Spain, Egypt and Croatia.


 The handball team is scheduled to travel from Spain on July 2, 2021 to France; To enter a training camp and play an international friendly match against France on July 5, 2021, and to complete the camp in France until July 8, 2021, with the team heading to Germany on July 9, 2021; To compete in a three-way tournament that includes Germany, Egypt and Brazil.


The Egyptian national team's delegation will return to Cairo on July 12, in preparation for travel to Japan.


The handball team begins its confrontations with the Olympics at 12:30 noon next July 24 against Portugal, where the Pharaohs group also includes the teams of Denmark, Japan, Sweden and Bahrain.