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Zamalek officials to Sassi: Will you return after the Tunis camp? .. Find out the response

Zamalek club officials were keen to talk with Tunisian midfielder Ferjani Sassi before traveling to Tunisia to join his country's national team camp, after strong news circulated about the player's intention not to return to Cairo again.


Ferjani Sassi’s contract with Zamalek expires at the end of the current season, and so far the player has not signed the new contract, and therefore he has the right to leave immediately after the season ends.


Ferjani Sassi responded to the question of Zamalek officials: "Will you return after the Tunis camp?" He confirmed that he will return to Cairo to complete the season to its end before deciding his final fate with Zamalek.


Although Ferjani Sassi confirmed his return to Zamalek after the Tunisia camp, the fears did not diminish or end about the player's non-return, after strong sources revealed earlier that he did not intend to return again to Cairo after the Tunisia trip.

And the file of the renewal of Zamalek, the contract of the Tunisian international Ferjani Sassi, is still the talk of the sports street among the fans of the White Castle, especially since Sassi is one of the main pillars of the team, and he enjoys great public love.

The committee in charge of managing the Zamalek club, headed by Hussein Labib, granted Sassi a part of his overdue financial dues, to show good faith in the administration’s desire to resolve the renewal file, and the committee promised the player to give him the rest of his overdue dues if the renewal is approved, with the new contract provider giving him.

The committee was supposed to hold a session with Ferjani Sassi after the El Gouna match to resolve the renewal file, but the player traveled to Tunisia, taking advantage of his suspension after receiving a third yellow card, to join the national team camp.

And sources revealed, to “The Seventh Day”, that Zamalek settled on the financial offer that it will present to Ferjani Sassi, amounting to one million and 800 thousand euros per season, provided that the financial difference between the offer of Zamalek and the player’s requests will be provided through advertising campaigns that the player films, as a type of Consent for Ferjani Sassi.

The Zamalek offer also includes a specific timetable for the player’s old dues, which amount to 650 thousand euros, which is the first obstacle in the Ferjani Sassi renewal file.

Sassi left Cairo without resolving the file to renew his contract with Zamalek, which prompted the Zamalek administration to ask the player to announce his final position on the renewal, and not to procrastinate, and the administration decided to hold a session with Ferjani after his return from Tunisia, provided that the session is not linked to the presence of his agent until it is completed. Completing the negotiation process quickly and determining the player’s next destination after the expiry of his contract with Zamalek.

Mohamed El-Etreby, vice-chairman of the Zamalek Management Committee, said: “We want to renew Sassi, as he is an important player for the team, but provided that staying is his desire, and that the renewal is with legitimate requests that the committee can meet.”