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Ambassador Mohamed Hegazy: The decisions of the Tunisian president restore the gains of the revolution to the people

Ambassador Dr. Mohamed Hegazy, former assistant foreign minister, described the decisions taken by Tunisian President Kais Saied as “fateful,” which restore the gains of the revolution to their true owners among the Tunisian people, stressing that it was necessary to correct the path that the Tunisian Renaissance movement deviated from.

Hegazy said, in an exclusive statement to the Middle East News Agency, today, Tuesday, that President Qais Saeed assumed his responsibilities towards his people and the future of his country, in light of respect for legitimacy, rights and freedoms, and his assertion that the measures taken fall within the framework of implementing Chapter 80 of the constitution to protect constitutional institutions. protecting the state and achieving social peace.

The former Assistant Foreign Minister considered that Tunisia at this stage needs all aspects of support from brothers and international partners who are stakeholders in the success of Tunisia and maintaining its security and stability, and expediting the provision of diplomatic, political, economic and development support, adding: “This is because international circles are expected to open Its trumpets are known against the president's reform steps in order to preserve the conditions in which Tunisia's lack of capabilities and its national security interests depended on serving foreign agendas, without regard to the public interest and the security of the homeland and the citizen.