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Banque du Liban: The bill for importing medicine and infant formula within 6 months exceeds the entire bill for 2020

 The Central Bank of Lebanon confirmed that the bill for medicine, medical supplies, and milk for children in the first half of this year exceeds the total bill for the whole of last year.

This came in a statement by the Central Bank of Lebanon today, after drug importers and warehouse owners in Lebanon held the bank responsible for the shortage of medicine that Lebanon is currently experiencing, as they confirmed that the problems experienced by importers are financial technology related to transfers that the Central Bank must issue to companies abroad, as These transfers have stopped since May 7 to pharmaceutical companies outside Lebanon, in addition to the system for obtaining pre-approval before shipment, which was established by the Central Bank.

In its statement, the Banque du Liban confirmed that the total value of the paid and pending bills submitted for prior approval amounted to 1.5 billion US dollars in the first half of this year, while the annual cost of the amounts paid by the Banque du Liban to support the import of medicines and medical supplies for the whole of last year amounted to about Only $1.173 billion, indicating that despite this significant increase, medicines are missing.

The Banque du Liban clarified that the value of bills paid for importing infant formula until June 30th amounted to $20 million, compared to $17 million for the whole year, although it is not available in pharmacies.

The bank indicated that it had alerted the government to this matter since July last year, and warned against the way medicine and medical supplies were dealt with without responsibility by this sector, which resulted in the loss of medicine from pharmacies and hospitals.

He expressed his regret that the government did not take any decision on the necessary steps to address this matter, due to its negative repercussions on the health security of the citizen, stressing that he was and will always be by the side of the Lebanese citizen in his quest to maintain the conditions for sustainable economic and social stability.