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English: Hans Grundberg appointed as new UN envoy to Yemen

Al-Arabiya correspondent reported, quoting informed sources, that Hans Grundberg was appointed as the new UN envoy to Yemen.

In another context, a member of the Yemeni Journalists Syndicate Council, Nabil Al-Asadi, said that the Houthi group caused the death of 46 journalists and photographers, and the displacement of others from their work during the period from 2015 to June 2021.

This came during Al-Asadi's meeting with the Working Group of the Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Opinion and Expression at the Human Rights Council, where he discussed with them the violations of the Houthi militia against Yemeni journalists, which were represented in killing, detention, arrest, enforced disappearance, confiscation of property, and the closure of television channels, radio stations, newspapers and governmental, civil and partisan news sites.

Al-Asadi reviewed - according to the Yemeni News Agency on Thursday - the reality of freedom of opinion and expression in Yemen and the violations that affected journalists and press institutions in Yemen following the Houthi militia coup, stressing the need for the special report on freedom of opinion and expression in the Human Rights Council to include issues of militia violations against journalists in Yemen. .