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Housing: 21.7 billion pounds, the cost of the projects of the Central Agency for Reconstruction in Sinai

Assem El-Gazzar, Minister of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities, said that the Central Agency for Construction, affiliated with the ministry, represented by the Sinai Reconstruction Agency, since the assumption of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, and until now, has been implementing development and service projects in Sinai and the Suez Canal axis, with investments of 21.7 billion pounds. Among them, projects are being implemented with investments of 6 billion pounds, within the framework of the state's plan for the development of Sinai.


Assem Al-Jazzar stressed that the Ministry of Housing places the implementation of development and service projects in Sinai at the top of its priorities, in line with the Sinai development strategy, stressing that these projects contribute to improving the quality of roads and services provided to citizens, developing villages and remote Bedouin communities, and optimizing the available resources in Sinai, including It improves the standard of living of the people, provides their food needs, and works to attract more investments and residents to work and permanently reside in Sinai.


Major General Mahmoud Nassar, head of the Central Agency for Reconstruction, said: The projects included in the agency’s plan in the current fiscal year 2021/2022, for the development of Sinai, include the implementation of 4 projects in the center and city of Sheikh Zuweid, at a cost of 43 million pounds, in the areas of delivering electricity to villages to serve the people of the center and the city. And road lighting, drinking water, and Bedouin housing, where 3 electric kiosks were installed with transformers with a capacity of 500 kVA with inclusions, at a cost of 2.1 million pounds, and they were supplied and installed during the month of July to support the electric current in Sheikh Zuweid.


The head of the Central Agency for Reconstruction added: The implementation of 7 desalination plants and drilling a surface well for each station is underway to serve 7 schools, at an estimated cost of 4 million pounds, to improve the drinking water service for students of these schools, as well as a lighting project for 19 km of the international road (from the city of Sheikh Zuweid to Rafah, with a length of 11 km - from the city of Sheikh Zuweid to Al-Shallaq, with a length of 8 km), at an estimated cost of 25 million pounds, to support the security aspect of the city, and for users of the international coastal road, in addition to the project of constructing 25 Bedouin homes in the villages of Sheikh Zuweid (Al Dhaher - Abu Tawila). At an estimated cost of 12 million pounds, to provide the appropriate housing for the customs and traditions of the people in these villages.