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How walnuts protect you from the risks of cancer and heart disease

Small changes in your diet have an impact on health, and can have an impact on life expectancy because some elements enhance the body's defenses against chronic disease, and one study found that walnuts reduce the risk of diseases for several reasons, according to the website. Express.

Research continues to emphasize the importance of eating healthy by researching specific food components, although the relationship between diet and all-cause mortality is complex, there are some components associated with a lower risk of chronic diseases such as cancer, according to a study published In the Journal of Natural Medicine, camel's eye falls into this category.

The study indicates that consumption of walnuts is associated with a significant reduction in all-cause mortality, and study participants who ate more than three servings of nuts per week, especially those containing walnuts, had a 39 percent lower mortality risk. compared to others.

People who ate more than three servings of walnuts per week since the start of the study also had a lower rate of mortality from chronic disease.

For their part, the study authors said that a similar protective effect was observed for consuming walnuts against cardiovascular disease.

In addition to eating healthy food, regular exercise can increase longevity and reduce the risk of death from chronic diseases, as to have a healthy body and prevent disease and early death, physical activities that strengthen the main muscles of the body including the legs, back, chest and shoulders , at least twice a week.