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If a high pressure patient .. How to protect yourself from complications?

Many suffer from persistent high blood pressure, which affects their health and their heart and exposes them to risks, and here patients with high blood pressure are advised to follow the necessary instructions for their protection and continuous follow-up with the doctor, and according to what the healthline website mentioned, high blood pressure usually develops over several years usually, without noticing any symptoms, High blood pressure can damage blood vessels and organs, especially the brain, heart, eyes and kidneys.

Early detection of high blood pressure is important. Regular blood pressure readings can help you and your doctor notice any changes If your blood pressure is high, your doctor may ask you to check your blood pressure over a few weeks to see if the number remains high or drops to levels natural.

Treatment for high blood pressure includes both prescription medications and healthy lifestyle changes. If left untreated, the condition can lead to health problems, including heart attack and stroke.

If you have risk factors for developing high blood pressure, you can now take steps to reduce your risk and complications of this condition.

How to protect yourself from the complications of high blood pressure?


1: Add healthy foods to your diet

Slowly work on eating more servings of heart-healthy plants. Eat more than seven servings of fruits and vegetables each day. Then try adding another serving each day for two weeks. Try adding another serving. The goal is to eat ten servings of fruits and vegetables a day.

2: Adjust the way you think about lunch

Instead of eating meat, eat a more salad and top it with a small steak.

3: Put weight loss into your goals

Talk to your doctor about a healthy weight that is right for you. Losing weight helps promote the health of the body, especially for patients with high pressure.

4: Pay attention to exercise

Exercising is very important for people with high blood pressure.

5: Monitor your blood pressure regularly

The best way to prevent complications and avoid problems is to detect high blood pressure early. You can go to your doctor's office for a blood pressure reading, or your doctor may ask you to buy a blood pressure monitor and take the readings at home.