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Iraq announces the targeting of the Green Zone in Baghdad with 3 Katyusha rockets

Today, Thursday, the Iraqi Security Media Cell announced the targeting of the Green Zone in the capital, Baghdad, with three Katyusha rockets.

The cell said in a statement carried by "Alsumaria News", that an outlaw group targeted the Green Zone in Baghdad with three Katyusha rockets.

She added, "The first missile fell near the headquarters of the National Security Agency, and the second in the celebration square, while another missile fell near the Sheikh Omar area in a residential neighborhood, which led to damages to the citizens."

The cell indicated, "These actions will be confronted with force by the security services, which will follow up on the intelligence and field those who carried out these actions that endanger the lives of citizens, as well as targeting foreign diplomatic missions."

Earlier, on Thursday morning, sirens sounded from the US embassy in Baghdad, and the missile defense system was activated to respond to a missile attack that tried to target the vicinity of the embassy.