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It was confirmed that Walid Suleiman was absent from Al-Ahly against the bank in the league due to injury

It was confirmed that Walid Suleiman, the Al-Ahly playmaker, will continue to miss his team's next match against Al-Ahly Bank, scheduled for next Thursday in the league, due to his incomplete recovery from a hamstring injury that prevented him from participating in the African Champions League final and the last red team matches in the league.


Walid Suleiman continues to perform his rehabilitation program after Al-Ahly’s return to resume group training, after the rest that the players obtained after completing the African Champions League final against the South African Kaizer Chiefs, after he took advantage of his presence in Morocco, accompanied by Al-Ahly’s mission, to complete his rehabilitation program under the supervision of the medical staff headed by Dr. Ahmed Abu Abla.

Walid Suleiman stressed that winning the African Champions League for the tenth time, after winning a 3-0 victory over South Africa's Kaiers Chiefs, in the match that was held on Saturday evening at Mohammed V Stadium in Morocco, is a source of pride.

Walid said that Al-Ahly players presented a distinguished level, and their efforts culminated in winning the tenth championship, for the second time in a row, and it was the fourth championship in his career with the club.

He thanked all his colleagues in Al-Ahly, stressing that they were keen to have him with them in Morocco, noting that he is proud of his colleagues.

Walid Suleiman praised the efforts of Mahmoud Al-Khatib, president of Al-Ahly Club, who was always keen to support and support the team, which represents a great value that we are proud of, and makes a state of intense focus among the players.

Walid Suleiman promised Al-Ahly fans to continue winning championships during the coming period.