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Italians celebrate with flags after winning "Euro 2020" at the expense of England

The Italians celebrated in the streets in order to celebrate winning the European Nations title for the second time in its history, at the expense of the English national team in the midst of its land and its fans, as the Azzurri won on penalties 3-2 after the end of normal time and extra time with a positive tie with a goal for each.

The seventh day obtained a number of photos and videos that illustrate the joy of the Italians in winning and being crowned, and the Egyptian journalist in Italy, Essam Fathallah, sent pictures of Italians carrying flags and young people gather to express their joy at winning Euro 2020.

The Italian national team reached a record number of goals in the history of its participation in the continental championships, the European Nations Cup and the World Cup.


According to the Opta network for numbers and statistics, Italy scored 13 goals in the current tournament, which is the highest score for the Azzurri in a single copy between the European Championship and the World Cup.


"It's the cup for all Italians," Italy coach Roberto Mancini said. "Italy is the European champion," adding, "He has the right to finally feel joy after a very difficult year."