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Learn about a type of x-ray that checks the blood supply to the blood vessels in the brain

Brain perfusion x-ray is a type of brain test that shows the amount of blood reaching certain areas of the brain. This test can provide information about how the brain works. Through a series of "check on yourself", we learn about the perfusion x-rays and when your doctor orders them, according to the website University of Rochester, USA.

Why might you need a brain perfusion scan?


You may need an perfusion scan if your doctor needs information about how blood flows to your brain. For example, your doctor may recommend an perfusion scan if you have one of the following symptoms:


-mental illness

Stroke or transient ischemic attack

Brain hemorrhage

- stenosis of the carotid artery

- Cerebral vasculitis

Brain tumor

A recent head injury

You may also need a brain perfusion test if you need to have an operation on a blood vessel in your brain or neck and your doctor wants to check blood flow through your brain.

The doctor may also recommend other tests, such as a carotid ultrasound, CT angiography, magnetic resonance angiography, or angiography.

Areas of the brain that are highly active often show a greater blood supply as well as increased use of oxygen and glucose. Tracking these increases can show which areas of your brain are more active These factors may be lower in areas of the brain that are affected or underactive.

During a brain perfusion scan with a radioactive tracer, your doctor will inject a radioactive tracer into a vein in your arm. (In other cases, you might inhale the radioactive tracer in the form of gas.)

The doctor will then use a special camera to detect the tiny radioactive particles emitted by the radioactive tracer The camera can track how the radioactive material has spread throughout your brain A cerebral perfusion scan can show which areas of your brain received the most of this radioactive material This allows your doctor to see which areas of your brain are most active during examination.