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Nerve suffocation, most notably.. Know the causes of numbness in the legs and methods of prevention

Pain and numbness of the legs may appear mostly in the winter, and many people suffer from it, most notably the elderly, and it has many causes, not only for inflammation of the nerves due to the cold weather, but there are a number of pathological causes in the body that lead to a feeling of pain in the legs, including according to the HEALTH website. Medical LINE:

1- Herniated disc and spine pain.

2- Choking on a nerve in the legs.

3- Anemia in general in the body.

4- Narrowing of the blood vessels in the body.

The medical report published on the website added that the cause of the patients is identified by consulting the patient with the specialized doctor, or by doing tests and analyzes, including a complete blood picture, and analyzing vitamin D in the blood, explaining that the most prominent solutions to avoid numbness of the legs are:

1- Practicing sports and walking in particular, which are very important for building bones.

2- Proper nutrition for those suffering from anemia and following a healthy diet that contains vitamins.

3- Sitting in a proper position and carrying things correctly to avoid back pain.

4- Follow-up of weight gain that directly affects the bones with its weight greater than the normal position of the body.

5- Continue to use warm water and prevent exposure to cold weather.

The website explained that the sick cases differ in their treatment from one patient to another in terms of increasing symptoms and their persistence with the individual for long periods of time and following the necessary drug treatment for the case, which is prescribed by the specialist doctor, and is not limited to the winter only, but continues throughout the year, as bone pain has many The reasons, especially in the lack of necessary vitamins and proper nutrition in the blood.