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Obama's wedding reveals Dunga's insistence on moving to Zamalek

Youssef Obama, player of the Zamalek team, celebrated his wedding a few days ago, in the presence of a large number of his relatives and close friends, whether players of Zamalek or players of other clubs with whom Obama has strong relations outside the green rectangle.

Youssef Obama's wedding witnessed the presence of many players, including Nabil Imad Dunga, midfielder for the first football team at Pyramids Club, who has a strong relationship with Obama and more than one player within the ranks of Zamalek.

Obama's wedding witnessed Dunga's talk with a number of Zamalek players about his great commitment to moving to the ranks of the White Castle in the next summer Mercato, after he was close to being in the club throughout the last period, had it not been for the failure of negotiations between Zamalek and Pyramids on more than one occasion.

Dunga confirmed to the players of Zamalek that he is committed to completing the deal next summer, especially after the path became open for him to participate in the matches if he moved to Al-Abyad after the departure of the Tunisian Ferjani Sassi and the conviction of the technical staff of the team in his capabilities and asked to contract with him more than once.

Dunga explained to the players of Zamalek that he welcomes the transfer to the ranks of the white team in any form, whether in a reciprocal deal or direct sale and purchase, stressing that he notified the Pyramids Club of his desire to move to Zamalek if an official offer was received.