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Pyramids tempts Ibrahim Adel to double his salary because of Al-Ahly... and resentment among the players

Ibrahim Adel, the rising Egyptian football star, has become the focus of the Pyramids administration’s talk after the distinguished levels that the player presents with his team as well as with the Olympic team, which he will play with in the Tokyo Olympics this month, and Ibrahim Adel expressly wants to move to Al-Ahly, but the Pyramids administration has reservations about Completing the deal for fear of repeating the Afsha scenario, which he sold to Al-Ahly, so that the player achieves great successes with the Red Genie, and at the same time Pyramids fails to win any title, whether at the local or continental level.

A source within Pyramids confirmed that there is a tendency to double the value of Ibrahim Adel’s contract to tempt him to stay in Pyramids and refuse to move to Al-Ahly or engage in any professional experience during the coming period, and a state of discontent prevails among a number of players after news of Ibrahim Adel’s salary raise, while the administration ignored the matter regarding them, despite the request of more than one player, Hani Saeed, the football director, to raise the value of their contracts.

Ibrahim Adel added that his presence in Pyramids does not show his capabilities optimally, especially that the team does not present good levels during this period, and has become threatened not to participate in the African Championship the new season after bidding farewell to the Confederation and not being in the golden square in the General League Championship.

Ibrahim Adel collected more than one session with Pyramids officials, during which he confirmed his desire to go through the professional experience after his club’s management refused to discuss the idea of ​​his transfer to Al-Ahly. And his personality that helps him to impose himself, unlike his young age, as the Al-Ahly Planning Committee sees him as the perfect player to strengthen this position.

Ibrahim Adel is the most prominent local player nominated to strengthen the position of the wing in Al-Ahly, and if contracting with him fails, the closest trend may be to contract with a foreign wing to strengthen this position in the next season, especially with the interest of the Red Castle officials in the Moroccan Sufian Rahimi, the Moroccan Raja player, and Gaston Sirino, the Sun Downs player in the south. An African, and Ibrahim Adel is his team's top scorer in the current African Confederation Cup, where the player came in third place in the tournament's top scorer so far

Ibrahim Adel scored 4 goals in the African Confederation Cup, to become third in the scorers’ table, preceded by Ben Malango, player of Raja, and Reda Bin Sayeh, player of JS Kabylie, with 5 goals, and Lambert Ariana, player of Coton Sport, with 6 goals.