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Russian scientists develop a biological chip to detect "Corona"

The website of the "Russian Consumer Protection Agency" revealed today, Monday, that a group of Russian scientists is currently developing a biological DNA chip that will simplify the testing of the "Corona" virus.

According to the Russian Sputnik news agency, the website of the Russian Consumer Protection Agency stated that the Russian Nizhny Novgorod Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology, known as "Blokhina", is currently working on creating a prototype of the biochip to indicate the actual pathogens of acquired pneumonia, including the SARS-CoV virus. -2

Specialists have been involved in the research and development of multimedia biosensors for rapid detection of biomarkers, viruses and microorganisms for several years.

Scientists will also study the diagnosis of biomarkers of acute heart attacks, stress and the Corona virus using peptides, and virologists have developed the scientific and technological foundations to create such chips to identify and test pathogens.