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The Kremlin denies discussions about the deployment of Russian forces in Afghanistan

The press spokesman of the Russian presidency (the Kremlin), Dmitry Peskov, denied discussing the issue of sending Russian forces to Afghanistan with the Afghan government or with the "Taliban" movement.


"No, there are no discussions on this," Peskov told reporters on Monday, in response to a question about whether there is an option under consideration for the deployment of Russian forces in Afghanistan and whether such discussions are underway with the Afghan authorities or with the "Taliban".


"Unfortunately, we see that the situation in Afghanistan is not developing in the best way, and therefore the necessary decisions will be taken by our military border guards," added the press spokesman of the Russian presidency.


It is reported that the media reported today that the National Security Adviser to the Afghan President recently discussed in Moscow with the Secretary of the Russian National Security Council the possibility of military assistance to the Afghan government.