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The Stock Exchange: Implementation of a deal on Mac Holdings shares worth 678.6 million pounds

The daily report of the Egyptian Stock Exchange revealed that a deal was executed on the shares of Mac Holding Company for Investment, with a trading volume of 6.8 million shares, with a value of 678.6 million pounds, during yesterday’s trading session in the OTC market, and a deal was executed on the shares of Delta Science and Technology Group – Delta Group, with a trading volume of 1.5 million Shares worth 146.4 million pounds, and a deal was executed on Moon View shares for real estate and tourism investment, with a trading volume of 12 million shares, valued at 47.8 million pounds.


The volume of trading in the OTC market during yesterday's trading session reached 20.6 million shares, with a value of 899.1 million pounds.


The Egyptian stock market indices varied, at the close of trading yesterday, Thursday, the end of the week’s sessions, as the main index declined under pressure from the decline in leading shares, while the EGX70 and EGX100 indices rose, amid Arab and foreign purchases, and the market capital gain 1.6 billion pounds to close at 679.651 billion pounds.


The trading volume on shares amounted to 426.8 million securities, worth 1.6 billion pounds, through the implementation of 50.8 thousand transactions for 194 companies, and Egyptians’ transactions recorded 88.76% of the total transactions, while foreigners accounted for 5.26%, and Arabs accounted for 5.98% during today’s trading session. Institutions accounted for 19.37% of the transactions in the stock exchange, and the rest of the transactions belonged to individuals with a rate of 80.62%.


The net transactions of Egyptian institutions for sale tended to be 131.7 million pounds, while the net transactions of Egyptian, Arab and foreign individuals, and Arab and foreign institutions for purchase tended to amount to 84.2 million pounds, 4.1 million pounds, 2.7 million pounds, 4.4 million pounds, and 36.4 million pounds, respectively.


The "EGX30" index declined by 0.39%, to close at 10561 points, and the "EGX50" index rose by 0.77% to close at 2214 points, and the "EGX30" weighted index decreased by 0.5% to close at 12,979 points. The "EGX30" total return index increased by 0.14% to close at 4,122 points.


While the index of small and medium-sized companies "EGX70 of equal weights" rose by 2.18% to close at the level of 2474 points, and the "EGX 100 index of equal weights" rose by 1.46% to close at the level of 3428 points, and the index of excellence increased by 2.65% to close at the level of 2964 points.


Shares of 94 companies listed on the stock exchange rose at the close of trading, shares of 74 companies fell, and the levels of 26 companies did not change.