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The Telegraph: More than half of Corona cases in England tested positive after being admitted to hospital

The British Telegraph newspaper revealed that more than half of the hospital treatment cases from Corona in England are patients whose tests came positive only after entering the hospital, according to what leaked data revealed.

 And the newspaper pointed out that the numbers indicate that huge numbers were classified as hospitalized due to Covid 19, at the time they were admitted to the hospital for other reasons, while picking up routine tests for the virus.

 Experts said this means that the national statistics, which are published daily on the British government's website and are frequently referred to by ministers, may greatly exaggerate the levels of pressure on the NHS.

 The leaked data, which includes all NHS trusts in England, shows that, as of last Thursday, only 44% of patients who were classified as hospitalized as due to corona had tested positive by the time they were admitted to hospital.

 The majority of cases were not detected until patients underwent the standard Covid tests that are performed on every person admitted to hospital for any reason.

 Overall, 56 percent of hospitalized cases of COVID-19 fall into this category, according to data seen by the newspaper.

 This group does not distinguish decisively between those admitted for severe illness that later turned out to be caused by the virus, or those hospitalized for various reasons who may never have known they had the virus.

 And the newspaper pointed out that health officials directed the National Health Service funds last month to provide a breakdown of the current number of Corona patients, and to divide it between those who were in hospitals mainly because of Corona, and those who entered for other reasons.