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The United Nations: We deeply regret the failure to form a Lebanese government and there is no time to waste

Ioana Vronesca, the United Nations Special Coordinator for Lebanon, expressed her deep regret over what she described as the failure to form a Lebanese government after 9 months, in reference to Saad Hariri, the leader of the Future Movement, assigning the government to form the government on the 22nd of last October, following binding parliamentary consultations.


This came in a statement to her today, commenting on Hariri's apology yesterday for not forming a new government for what he described as a lack of cooperation by Lebanese President Michel Aoun, despite presenting a new government formation comprising 24 ministers in accordance with the French initiative and the initiative of Lebanese Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri to resolve the Lebanese crisis.


In her statements today, Fronesca added that what happened yesterday was not a step forward, stressing that it is time to make a sincere, concerted and resolute effort to extricate the Lebanese people from this predicament.


Fronesca concluded her statements, stressing that there is no time left to waste, and Saad Hariri announced, after his meeting with the Lebanese President yesterday to consult on the new formation of the government, that Aoun requested fundamental amendments to the formation, and a discussion took place on matters related to confidence and naming Christian ministers.


Hariri added that it is clear that Aoun's position has not changed, considering that he will not be able to reach an agreement with the Lebanese president.


Hariri made it clear that he offered the Lebanese president more time to think about the government formation that he presented to him during their meeting yesterday, stressing that indications confirm that he will not agree with President Aoun.


Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri announced that, based on what happened during the meeting, he is announcing his apology for forming the new Lebanese government.