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Venezuelan President: Mexico hosts talks between his government and the opposition... and conditions for my participation

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said that Mexico will host talks between his government and the opposition, but he stressed that he will not participate in them unless international sanctions are lifted and protected from any plots to overthrow him.

Maduro said that "Norway encourages the holding of international talks in Mexico, indicating that he agrees very much with this matter," noting that he proposed three conditions for his participation in the Mexico talks, namely that the United States of America and the European Union lift all imposed sanctions, and that all The political sectors have the authority and work of the public authorities and the constitutionality of the country and its legitimate authorities, in addition to all sectors renouncing coups, assassinations and other means of violence.

Maduro had announced that 10 Colombian paramilitaries were killed after clashes broke out between armed groups and security forces in the capital, "Caracas".

Maduro confirmed that there are at least 20 members of the Colombian paramilitary forces who trained armed groups that carried out continuous shooting operations, killing a number of civilians, noting that three of these forces were arrested with their weapons.

Earlier, Maduro asked the US government not to "interfere in Venezuela's internal affairs" in reference to the November 21 local and regional elections.

"I say to the governments of the United States and the world: Do not meddle in Venezuela's internal affairs, we do not get involved in the electoral disaster that I experienced," Maduro said, referring to the presidential elections in the United States.

Commenting on the news about the US request to lift the disqualification decisions, the president stressed that “Venezuela has its institutions” as well as “the best electoral system, the most audited and vetted in the world,” and said, “We are on the way to elections and all candidates will be registered.”