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Wadi Degla refuses to discuss offers to leave before ensuring survival in the league

Mohamed Abdel Wahed, coach of Wadi Degla, confirmed that the club does not stand in front of the future of any player, but the current period is very difficult and does not allow to discuss any offers. Abdel Wahed said in statements to the “Be On Time” program: “This season has been very difficult for all of us, but we have confidence.” In all players, we have experienced many crises that we learned from.

He added: Wadi Degla does not stand in front of a player, and before that we agreed to the departure of the team's stars such as Mohamed Mahmoud and Mohamed Sharif, the first Egyptian striker, Beckham, Stanley and Omar Marmoush, and the club does not stand in anyone's way, but the current period is difficult and we cannot discuss any offers.

And about the brilliance of Mohamed Sharif, the former star of the team, Abdel Wahed said: All the offers we received were verbal and after ensuring the survival, we can discuss any offers. good.

Mohamed Sharif ignited the competition for the title of top scorer in the General League for the current season, after he scored a hat-trick in the clearing Egypt net to lead the Red Genie to win by four against a goal and rise to the top scorer in the Premier League equally with Ahmed Yasser Rayan, Al-Ahly player loaned to Ceramica with 15 goals for each player, but Sharif played So far, 23 matches in the league, while Ahmed Yasser Rayan has played 27 matches.

Mohamed Sharif carved his name in the hearts of the fans of the Red Castle, especially in light of scoring important goals in the march of the Red Genie and gaining the confidence of South African technical director Pitso Musimani.

Mohamed Sharif topped Al-Ahly's top scorer in the league with 15 goals, as well as Al-Ahly's top scorer in Africa with 5 goals, as he occupies second place in the list of top scorers in the current edition of the African Champions League.