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Will Al-Ahly resort to the “hoax” scenario to repeat the legend of Al-Hadary with Al-Shennawi?

There is no doubt that Mohamed El-Shennawy is Egypt's first goalkeeper and one of the best guards of the African continent over the past years, and he had a prominent and key role in most of Al-Ahly's victories and our national team, but Al-Ahly fans always look forward to the best, even if within their squad is the best ever.


Al-Ahly fans believe that El-Shennawy’s very few mistakes, the last of which was in the face of Pyramids yesterday in the General League, and caused him to equalize for Pyramids in the last minute, come because El-Shennawy believes that he is the only goalkeeper in the team and that the rest of the guards with him are very far from his technical level, and therefore he guarantees His basic participation does not provide his best levels, and there are those who believe that the Al-Ahly administration is required to repeat the historical “hoax” scenario that happened with Essam El-Hadary. After the Al-Ahly administration saw that his level was declining, they resorted to contracting with Nader Al-Sayed at the time, and he was a great goalkeeper, no less star than El-Hadary, It was confirmed to Nader that he would participate at the expense of Al-Hadary, but the opposite is what happened, as confidence was given to Al-Hadary and played all matches and tournaments with Al-Ahly and achieved a great history. Nader Al-Sayed came only to let Al-Hadary know that there is a great goalkeeper standing behind him, and in the event of any decline in his level, he will participate in his place. Which never happened.


The official position of the Al-Ahly administration is clear in this regard, as there is no intention to contract with a new goalkeeper for several reasons, the first of which is that it believes that it has the best goalkeeper in Egypt, who is Mohamed El-Shennawy, and secondly, that there is no goalkeeper available to contract even close to El-Shennawy’s level and therefore in the case of strengthening with a new guard The situation will not be much different from the current situation, and Al-Shennawi will be the best, even if his mistakes are multiplied hundreds of times.