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Al-Ahly club news today, Monday 16/8/2021

Today, Monday, Al-Ahly Club witnessed a lot of important sports news, on top of which was Musimani’s exclusion of 9 players before facing Al-Tala’i, the selection of Ibrahim Nour El-Din to referee the match, and Nasser Maher Musimani’s complaint in Al-Ahly.

Ibrahim Nour El-Din, as a referee for the Al-Ahly and Tala’a El-Jaish match in the league tomorrow

The Referees Committee of the Football Association, headed by Wajih Ahmed, decided to appoint international referee Ibrahim Nour El-Din as a referee for tomorrow’s match in the 31st week of the league between Al-Ahly and Tala’a El-Jaish, with Mahmoud Bassiouni as a referee for the video.

In the manner of Afsha .. Mohamed Sharif is racing against time to catch up with Al-Ahly matches in the league

Al-Ahly and Egypt striker Mohamed Sherif is racing against time to complete his rehabilitation program to recover from a slight hamstring injury. For the ankle to fly in the African Red Giant matches

Musimani excludes 9 Al-Ahly players from facing the Vanguards tomorrow.. Get to know them

Pitso Musimani, coach of the first football team in Al-Ahly Club, excluded Amr Al-Sulayya, Badr Banoon, Mohamed Sharif, Walid Suleiman, Nasser Maher, Mustafa Schubert, Saad Samir, Karim Nedved and Mohamed Mahmoud from the list of his team, which is preparing to face the Vanguards of the Army scheduled for nine in the evening, Tuesday, at the Army Stadium in Suez, within Round 31 competitions in the Premier League.

Learn about Al-Ahly’s list in preparation for the Tala’a Al-Jaish match in the league

Betso Mosimane, coach of the first football team in Al-Ahly Club, announced the team’s list in preparation for the Tala’a El-Jaish match, scheduled for 9:00 p.m., tomorrow, Tuesday, at El-Arish Stadium in Suez, as part of the 31st round of the Premier League.

Nasser Maher complains about Musimani in Al-Ahly .. Know the details


Nasser Maher, the Al-Ahly player, complained about the way Peso Musimani, the team’s coach, dealt with him throughout the last period, explaining that he had received poor treatment from the technical staff without a convincing reason.

Badr Bannon organizes group training for Al-Ahly in preparation for the pioneers

Badr Banoon, the first football team player in Al-Ahly Club, organized the training of his collective club, which was held this afternoon at the Touch Stadium, after completing the rehabilitation program he underwent after recovering from the Corona virus.