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Planning: We aim to reduce the population growth rate by 2% and the inflation rate to decrease to 6% by the end of 22/21

The Ministry of Planning and Economic Development announced the main goals in the field of social development, with the fourth and final year plan (21/2022) of the medium-term plan for sustainable development (18/2019 - 21/2022).


The ministry explained that the 21/2222 plan seeks in its directions and priorities to achieve two goals that complement each other, the first of which is a social goal, which is to raise the standard of living of the Egyptian citizen by providing means of health care and comprehensive social protection, and providing public services to all citizens without discrimination, adding that the second goal is to: The economic goal is to revitalize the Egyptian economy and return the production cycle to the fullest possible capacity again.


She referred to the main objectives of the plan in the field of social development, which included reducing the population growth rate to about 2% by the end of the plan year, compared to 2.56% in 2017, in addition to the decline in the annual inflation rate for the total of the Republic to 6% in the year of the plan compared to 13.3% in 18/2019. And reducing the unemployment rate to about 7.3% in the year 21/2022, compared to 9.6% in the year 19/2020.


She continued: Talking about the main objectives of the plan in the field of social development, noting that the poverty rate decreased to 28.5% in the year of the plan, compared to about 29.7% in 19/2020, and a higher rate of 32.5% in 2018/17, with the expectation of a significant decrease in the poverty rate due to Implementation of the national project for the development of the Egyptian countryside (a decent life initiative), in addition to reducing the illiteracy rate to about 17.5% at the end of the plan year, compared to 25.8% according to the 2017 census, and 18.9% in 2019 according to the results of the annual bulletin of the labor force survey, adding that the targets Social development also included reducing economic and social disparities between the various regions of the Republic, so that the gap in poverty rates does not exceed (20) percentage points between governorates, while increasing the participation of females and youth in the labor force to narrow the gender and age gap in unemployment rates.


She pointed to the specificity of this year's plan in addressing development programs and issues that were not previously presented on a large scale and with the desired effectiveness, referring to the priority structural reforms program in the Egyptian economy, which represents the second phase of the national economic and social reform program, in addition to the Egyptian Rural Development Program It is an ambitious program that includes all Egyptian villages.


She also referred to the issue of the transition to a green economy focusing on environmental improvement initiatives, the issue of gender and women's empowerment, as well as the Egyptian family development plan, and interventions to control population growth and improve the characteristics of the population, stressing the plan's keenness to directly and effectively address existing qualitative gaps and correct internal imbalances between groups. Social and between regions and governorates through the adoption of the strategies of balanced development and inclusive growth, and the application of packages of initiatives that would narrow the existing development gaps.