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Public Security in Lebanon: We continue to fight the monopoly of hydrocarbons

The Lebanese General Directorate of Public Security confirmed the continuation of its operations related to combating the monopoly of gasoline and diesel and preventing their sale on the black market. Various quantities of these fuels were seized in some institutions and stations, and they were treated according to the reference of the competent judiciary.

These quantities were distributed as follows, - in the town of Srifa - Tire district: 33,000 liters of diesel fuel were stored in the tanks of one of the institutions, of which 12,000 liters were withdrawn and handed over to the municipality according to the official price.

In the town of Rayak - Zahle District - Al-Saeeda neighborhood: 15,000 liters of mazut were stored in an underground fuel tank, of which 12,000 liters were sold to bakeries, municipalities and subscription generators in the Rayak area and its suburbs.

And in the town of Ansar - Nabatiyeh district: 3000 liters of gasoline were stored in the tanks of the Medco station, 1000 liters of which were filled for citizens at the official price, while 2000 liters were kept at the station for the benefit of the security forces contracting with Medco.