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The latest details of Zamalek’s negotiations to renew Bin Sharqi’s contract

Zamalek club officials are close to resolving the file of renewing the contract of Moroccan Ashraf Bin Sharqi, the wing of the first football team, after the player expressed his welcome to continue inside the White Castle and not leave at the end of his contract.

An official source in Zamalek Club revealed that the committee in charge of managing the club, headed by Hussein Labib, prepared the new contract for Ashraf bin Sharqi, and the player’s agent is reviewing its terms at the present time, provided that a new session is held between the administration and the player’s agent to put the last frills on the renewal terms.

The source added that Ashraf bin Sharqi is happy with his presence in Zamalek, and he wants to continue, but the financial amount that was initially requested for the renewal was huge, which makes the negotiations continue and the file is not officially resolved, especially since the Zamalek administration is waiting for the team to resolve the league championship until it does the work. to terminate these files in turn.

Hussein Labib believes that the Zamalek club is the one who makes the stars, and that Ferjani Sassi, the former team player, is the loser by his departure from the team, and Labib said in statements to the “On Time Stadium” program, “It is an honor for any player to wear the Zamalek shirt. And, may God honor us, after crowning the league, you will find the players of Zamalek are all stars, Zamalek is the work of Ferjani Sassi, and he is the loser after his departure from Zamalek, the league leader, with a difference of 4 points.

He added, We agreed with all the players to renew, all registered and loaned within the club, and after the end of the league we will sit with Carteron and determine the team’s list, and Zamalek has the best players in Egypt, and even our loaned are the best scorers in the league such as Mostafa Fathy and Karim Bambo, and we have a strong repertoire of players ".