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US House Intelligence Chief: The scenes in Afghanistan are heartbreaking

Adam Schiff, Chairman of the US House of Representatives Intelligence Committee, stressed that the situation in Afghanistan is catastrophic during the United States' evacuation of Americans in Afghanistan, stressing the United States' commitment to its partners, and Adam Schiff tweeted on his account on "Twitter", saying: "The scenes unfolding in Afghanistan is heartbreaking, as we evacuate American personnel, we have an obligation to our Afghan partners, allies, and women at grave risk."

And the US Departments of Defense and State said: The US military controlled air traffic at Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul and the security of the airport perimeter, while thousands of Americans, foreigners and Afghans rushed to leave the country, which is now effectively under Taliban control.

The joint statement said: President Joe Biden has ordered the dispatch of about 6 thousand American soldiers to secure the airport and assist in the evacuation, and the full group of American forces is scheduled to arrive within 48 hours, according to the American magazine "The Week".

"Tomorrow and over the coming days, we will be moving out of Afghanistan thousands of US citizens residing in Afghanistan, as well as locally recruited employees of the US mission in Kabul and their families, and other Afghan citizens who are particularly vulnerable," the State Department and the Pentagon said in the statement.

All US embassy staff have been moved to the airport since Sunday, and US officials say they are working to expedite the evacuation of Afghans who have helped the United States and who are eligible for special immigrant visas.