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Yemeni Ambassador: Our trade relations with Egypt are ancient since history

Yemen's ambassador to Egypt, Dr. Muhammad Ali Marem, confirmed that trade relations between Yemen and Egypt go back to ancient periods that strike deep in the history of the two brotherly countries and peoples, according to the official website of the Yemeni embassy.

This came in a symposium organized by the Yemeni embassy and the Yemeni Businessmen Council, in cooperation with the Egyptian Chamber of Commerce, which aimed to introduce investment opportunities and ways to enhance investment and commercial cooperation between Yemeni and Egyptian businessmen and institutions.

Marem praised the efforts of Yemeni businessmen and institutions in Egypt to preserve the national capital, in light of the conditions Yemen is experiencing and the blows that the Yemeni economy and business sector have been subjected to as a result of the war.

Ambassador Marem valued the cooperation and support offered by the brotherly Egyptian government and people to their brothers, the increasing number of the Yemeni community in Egypt, reiterating that what Egypt’s stances are not surprising, as Egypt was and remains one of the most important supporters of the Yemeni state and its people. And the historical turns that our country has gone through.

For his part, the head of the Yemeni Business Council in Egypt, Muhammad Al-Mujahid, praised the facilities provided by the Egyptian government to Yemeni investors in Egypt, praising the role of the Yemeni embassy in providing all means of support for the establishment of the council and facilitating its work.

In the symposium, speeches were delivered by the President of the Chamber of Commerce in Giza Governorate, Mohamed Imbabi, and the Head of the Executive Unit for the Nationality-Based Investment in the Egyptian Cabinet, Counselor Sameh Sedky, who gave a presentation on investment opportunities and the investment law in Egypt.