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6 million views .. The Korean team "BTS" promotes vaccination against Corona from the United Nations

The American newspaper “New York Times” sheds light on the success of the United Nations General Assembly in drawing attention with a speech by the famous South Korean “BTS” team, where the youth team delivered a speech from the United Nations that was watched by more than a million people when it was broadcast and reached nearly 6 Millions of views so far can be increased.

The seven members of K-pop, a multi-billion dollar group known for their dynamic dance moves, catchy lyrics and fans around the world, promoted the coronavirus vaccine and praised the youth for their resilience during a nearly seven-minute speech at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

The band's appearance came a day before more than 100 world leaders and representatives gathered on Tuesday to open the General Assembly, an annual meeting held virtually last year due to the pandemic.

Accompanied by South Korean President Moon Jae-in, who appointed them as a special presidential envoy for future generations and culture, the band then played a pre-recorded video of their hit song "Permission to Dance".

The video showed the young singers dancing in the empty corridors of the General Assembly Hall.

A large number of the band's fans followed with interest on the UN channel on "YouTube", which flooded the live chat with flowing messages, and many purple-hearted emojis.

"I've heard that people in their teens and twenties today are referred to as the Covid lost generation," said Kim Nam Joon, the band's lead singer. "But I think it would be an exaggeration to say that they are lost simply because the path they are taking cannot be seen with the eyes of adults."

Moon introduced the band members into the auditorium, as the group wore dark suits, name tag toppers and jacket pins to promote the UN's Sustainable Development Goals campaign.