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7 sports news you can't miss today

Today, Friday, September 10, 2021, witnessed many important sporting events, most notably, Al-Ahly sends to Jabaliya the names of 36 players in the first list.. I know the details, and Zamalek completes its agreement with Hamdi Al-Naqaz and announces the deal within 24 hours.

Zamalek completes its agreement with Hamdi El-Naqaz and announces the deal within 24 hours

An informed source in the Zamalek club revealed that the white club had completed its agreement with the Tunisian Hamdi Al-Naqaz, the former right-back of the team and the Tunisian Esperance, about his return to the Mit Oqba castle, after a series of negotiations that took place in the last period regarding the agreement between the two parties. The case he filed against the club, along with several things in this regard, and the same source indicated that Zamalek intends to announce the deal within 24 hours.

Al-Ahly sends to Jabalia the names of 36 players in the first list.. Know the details

Al-Ahly club sent its first list to the Football Association yesterday evening, Thursday, at the deadline for sending the initial lists of teams in preparation for the new season 2021-2022, and the list of the first red genie witnessed the registration of 31 players, along with 5 underage players, according to the Jabaliya regulation.

3 reasons prevent Zamalek from contracting with Marwan Mohsen after his departure from Al-Ahly

Al-Ahly club’s decision came to dispense with the efforts of its striker, Marwan Mohsen, the team’s striker, to leave the player from the corridors of the Red Castle, after he left the accounts of the South African team’s technical director, Pitso Musimani, after the session that brought the player together with the officials of the Red Castle, to open the door to questions about the fact that there are negotiations between Marwan Mohsen and Zamalek. To contract with him during the current summer transfer period, in light of the White Knight's search for a striker to support the Zamalek offensive line in the new season.

Saad Samir requests a 48-hour deadline to respond definitively to Al-Ahly's offer

A source close to Saad Samir, the Al-Ahly club’s defender, revealed that the player asked his club officials until next Sunday to respond to the offer made by the club’s administration to him. During the new season, after he received several offers from the Premier League clubs, in appreciation of his role with the Red Genie as one of the captains of the Red Castle, after a long trip inside Al-Ahly Club, Saad Samir was close to leaving on loan for two seasons to Future FC.

Ahmed Adel Abdel Moneim announces, through “The Seventh Day,” his signature for Ismaili for two seasons

Ahmed Adel Abdel Moneim, the current El Gouna and Al-Ahly goalkeeper, confirmed his signature to the Ismaili club for two seasons, starting from the new season, and Ahmed Adel Abdel Moneim said in exclusive statements to “The Seventh Day”: I touched him from the officials of the technical committee and the board of directors, and I strive to meet the expectations of the broad masses of dervishes.

The national team will travel to Libya by private plane on October 10th

The Egyptian national football team, led by Carlos Queiroz, decided to travel to Libya on October 10, to face it on October 12 in the fourth round of qualifying for the World Cup, by a private plane due to the lack of time between the third round match against Libya scheduled for the 9th of the same month in Cairo. .

El-Mahalla Municipal Club elections canceled after accusations of ballot box fraud

The judicial committee supervising the elections for the board of directors of the Mahalla municipality club decided to cancel the elections, which were taking place today in the club, after mutual accusations between the candidates of fraud in the voting process and the fact that supporters of one of the lists put votes for fraud in the boxes.